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  • Connecting people to people and people to causes where like minds can move mountains
  • Collaborating to bring nonprofits and philanthropy together creating maximum impact
  • Convene the right people at the right place at the right time and watch what happens
  • Consensus building among disparate groups for paradigm changes
Ruth Westreich, President

Ruth Westreich, President

The Westreich Foundation
is an initiative based private family foundation committed to creating partnerships, collaborations and consortiums whose focus is:

Health creation, prevention and management of chronic disease through Functional Medicine tenants and matrices, Integrative Medicine’s approach to whole-person healing, Natural Medicine’s clearing the way for the body to heal itself when possible (salutogenesis and homeostasis), and the role that the science of nutrition plays in creating health and managing disease.

Food safety, including independent testing and research of Genetically Modified crops and the use of herbicides (Roundup) and pesticides on humans, animals, and the planet. Promote the cultivation and sale of locally grown organic crops. Establishment of an independent repository where scientists can come together without fear of reprisal to work collaboratively on relevant independent research grounded in rigorous scientific research methods.

Vaccine safety for all, including independent testing and research of vaccines and the ingredients they contain, as well as the synchronicity effect of using multiple toxic chemicals together when injected into the human body.

Rachel Carson We Need You Again

The dangers of glyphosate (Roundup) in our food supply are clear and present. Why are industry and government not acting as they should? Just as was the case in the 1950s with DDT and tobacco, we are on the brink of disastrous damage to health worldwide. This short film begins to explain why, and what we can do.

Finding Ourselves on Sacred Ground Cover

Finding Ourselves on Sacred Ground

A creative project by two photographers who commit one week a year to seeing their world with thoughtful eyes. This 10 inch x 13 inch hard-cover coffee table book may be purchased at www.janphillips.com.