The Westreich Foundation

Lead with Your Eyes, Disrupt with Your HeART

We share one planet – through the intersection of art, science and intergenerational dialogue, we can move beyond the entanglements and realize there can be no personal health without planetary health. They are inextricably connected.

We deserve to know how to make lasting change in this world.

Which is why for more than 20 years, the Westreich Foundation has been connecting trusted organizations to the public to make true impact. We believe that art, nature and science are intimately bound to one another.

Connecting with people and grassroots organizations to break through resistance to change

Collaborating with independent nonprofits, scientists and journalists and other philanthropists to clear away old paradigms that prevent progress

Consensus to spark new ways of thinking that brings people together

My hope and dream is that

“by touching people’s hearts through art, they will become aware of the interconnectedness of our people and the planet and be active partners in supporting solutions to a healthy planet and her people.”

Ruth Westreich

The Westreich Foundation

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