Artwork by Ruth Westreich

The University of San Diego and The Nonprofit Institute in SOLES are excited for the opportunity to collaborate with Ruth Westreich and the Westreich Foundation. Her activist art provides a unique platform for intergenerational dialogue on climate change and other critical issues that we face in building a better world for future generations.

“I am an activist and philanthropist, but I had never integrated my art into my activism and philanthropic mission. I know that art has the ability to effect people in a very deep way.” - Ruth Westreich

Ruth’s beautifully rendered works paint a picture of humanity on the edges of planetary calamity, yet full of possibility for a brighter, more sustainable future where we all come together to care for our common home.

“This body of work externalizes the angst we live with on a daily basis. It is this constant undercurrent that I believe is creating stress and helping to undermine the health of all of us including our children.” - Ruth Westreich

I was motivated by my deep personal connection to Mother Earth and all her delicate ecosystems. I keep reading and seeing the unintended consequences we have thrust upon her in our quest to put profits before the people and our planet.

My intent for this project is to create discussions to disrupt the New Normal of unsustainable choices that have been thrust upon the people and the planet. My intent is to have people view this body of work, understand and confront the Normalcy Bias that has become part of the fabric of our nation.

My intent is to show the collusion and revolving doors of government, agencies and big industry. One day I created a new technique for putting down a substrate or first layer. After the paint mingled and dried, I clearly saw a White House splintered apart. I also saw our Mother Earth peeking out but contained within this broken White House.

These elements were so clearly visible. I felt the piece was begging me to interpret what I saw on the canvas.

After I completed the first one, I felt a shift in me, and that I would be the facilitator of an important story for me to tell.


The Ruth Westreich Care for our Common Home Gallery Opening has been postponed due to the COVID-19 virus and the public restrictions on gathering together. We will update you as this situation progresses.