Center for Functional Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic

Center for Functional Medicine at Cleveland Clinic

In September of 2014 Cleveland Clinic became the first major medical center to have a Center for Functional Medicine. The success of the center has surpassed anything that Cleveland Clinic and the Institute of Functional Medicine could have envisioned. Unfortunately, there is so much demand for patients to be seen in the center, there is a 6 month waiting list. Cleveland Clinic is working to increase the size and capacity of the center.

The center is a collaboration between Cleveland Clinic and the Institute for Functional Medicine led by Mark Hyman, MD, Chairman of the Board of the IFM and founder of the Ultra Wellness Center.

The link is a conversation between Cleveland Clinic CEO and President, Toby Cosgrove and Mark Hyman.
A Q&A with Dr. Toby Cosgrove and Dr. Mark Hyman

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