University of San Diego’s Institute for Nonprofit Education and Research

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The University of San Diego’s Institute for Nonprofit Education and Research that is housed within the School of Leadership and Education Sciences (SOLES) with Nick Ladeny, Ph.D as the dean.

16 years later, the Institute under the direction of Emily Young, director, and Laura Dietrick, PhD and their very dedicated teams have created one of the most highly recognized and most respected master’s programs in the country. The Master’s program uses a Pracademics model of learning (daily practical and applied learning in an academic setting for those middle and upper management people working in nonprofit. The master’s degree is an extremely rigorous program with thirteen applied projects in lieu of a dissertation. Most of the professors are adjunct notables working in their respective fields of nonprofit. The program is tailored to fit the busy schedules of people already employed full time.

We work tirelessly, along with a very cooperative USD, to ensure that the cost of the degree is affordable to those individuals who are dedicating their lives in service to others.
From this extremely successful master’s program came our doc program. This specialization is intended for students with interest and experience in the nonprofit sector. Our doctoral students are required to do their dissertation research in an area pertaining to Nonprofit/Philanthropic studies.

The research center was my vision to help the entire philanthropic and nonprofit sectors primarily in San Diego by providing research, evaluation and consulting services that build the leadership and strategic and evaluative thinking capacity of local nonprofits as well as to be the leading source of information, data and research on the local nonprofit sector. That outgrowth was the Caster Family Center of Education and Research. The quality of the research and the projects now have a national and global reach.

The Institute for Nonprofit Education and Research is now considered to be one of the top three in the country. We are also the only learning institute in this arena without an endowment to ensure the continued success of our amazing program.

The Westreich Scholarship Through Words Alive

Words Alive Advocates for Reading

Scholarships are available to Adolescent Book Group graduates through the Words Alive Westreich Scholarship Fund.

In its 12th year, the scholarship program is designed to assist students with college tuition and other related expenses. The recipients of the scholarships fall under the purview of the Juvenile Justice department in San Diego country.

Our goal is encouraging the Words Alive Adolescent Book Group participants to continue their education by providing alternative funding opportunities that would not ordinarily be available to them.

By leveling the educational playing field, we hope to break the cycle of poverty by providing our students with the opportunity for higher education. Working in collaboration with other programs, our goal is to provide our students with the entire education package—thus building confidence, self-esteem and to help students discover their educational potential.

To date, we have educated over 60 young people into career fields of their choice.